“Adopt the peace of nature; her secret is patience”
by Ralph Waldo Emerson




Mignon Parker spent her early years at Artarmon in Sydney where she was born.  Her family relocated to Elanora Heights on Sydney's Northern Beaches a number of years later where she still resides.  Her family home, which was surrounded by bushland abundant with the flora and fauna she loved, soon became both the inspiration and foundation of her art and an instrumental element in the advancement of her evolving career in the arts.  Her mother, who was a successful enamelist, encouraged Mignon from a very early age to draw and paint.


Mignon's Swiss, German and English heritage, particularly her Swiss maternal forbears have been attributed with the inherant creative gene with many of them making their living as painters or photographers, one involved in the development of colour photography and a great grandfather who invented the first commerical Swiss embroidery machine in the 1800's.